Problem Gambling Counselling

Financial stress? Thinking about how to win back the money? Constant arguments around my gambling behaviour? Wondering if I should reduce or quit gambling? Am I gambling too much? Don’t know what to do when my loved one is gambling too much? Just found out my partner has a lot of debts? If this sounds like you or someone you know, perhaps you should consider a professional in the area of gambling counselling.

Behavioural Signs of a Gambling Addiction

  • Misses family events
  • Changes in patterns of sleep, eating or sex
  • Ignores self-care, work, school or family tasks
  • Thinks about gambling all the time
  • Is less willing to spend money on things other than gambling
  • Cheats or steals to get the money to gamble or pay debts
  • Is gone for long, unexplained periods of time
  • Neglects personal responsibilities.
  • Seems far away, anxious or has difficulty paying attention
  • Has mood swings and sudden outbursts of anger
  • Complains of boredom or restlessness
  • Seems depressed or suicidal.
  • Frequently borrows money or asks for salary advances
  • Cashes in savings accounts, RRSP's or insurance plans
  • Alternates between being broke and flashing money
  • Family members complain that valuables and appliances are disappearing, or money is missing from a bank account or wallet.

Let’s talk!!!

I use evidence-based psychotherapy to assist you to observe and reflect on your thoughts, emotions and belief systems to reduce harm from problem gambling and to develop a healthy, balanced life.

Phyllis is a counsellor with the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling program which provides FREE, confidential counselling services for gambling problems and those affected. Family and couple counselling is also available.

Services are provided in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.