Relationship Counselling

Couple Counselling

Feeling so lonely in a relationship? Worn down by sarcasm, fighting, or stony silences? Missing the old passion and warmth? Arguing about sex, money, in-laws?

You are not alone.

Couples relationship counselling is a type of talk therapy that lets both parties in a relationship talk about their issues and feelings in a safer environment where they are free from any judgement.

Couples Counselling aims to improve relationships between a couple and resolve their interpersonal conflicts. Through couple counselling, couples will have a chance to explore the bigger picture of their relationship and individual interactions. During counselling sessions, a couple is offered a safe and secure space to understand the patterns on a personal level. The couple will be more conscious of their actions and the consequences.

Horizon counselling can enhance and expand your ability to experience a deeper connection with yourself, your partners and others. That connection is the key to physical and mental health and feeling alive. I use Gottman couples and CBT interpersonal therapy to assist couples to feel secure and connect.

Relationship Counselling Areas:

  • Silence communication
  • Fighting over parenting
  • Marriage
  • Arguments over money
  • Different lifestyle
  • Thinking about separating or divorce
  • Relationship with in-laws and other family members