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What Are the Symptoms of Psychological Trauma?
August 26th, 2021
There are a wide range of symptoms of trauma, and some people suffering from trauma may have different combinations of them.
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Is There a Link Between Depression and Addiction
Recent studies have shown a high rate of substance abuse among those who suffer from depression, and this is raising concern amongst psychologists. When we feel depressed, our brains receive mixed messages about what is real and what is not real. Our ability to think diminishes as we see ourselves falling further and further into despair. When this happens, succumbing to substances becomes likely.
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What Is the Role of The Family in The Addiction Recovery Process
When it comes to the addiction recovery process, the family has a crucial role to play. The addiction has likely affected everyone inside the family. But while it may have changed family dynamics and eroded trust, this is a team where we families need to forgive and be supportive.
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