Horizon Counselling Testimonials

Please see testimonials from clients that I have worked with below.

I was referred to Phyllis in the fall of 2019, and quickly felt comfortable as one of her clients. 

Phyllis is an excellent listener, and is adept at getting to the root cause of the most critical issues. I have learned that several issues are inter-related; as such, she is helpful in assisting me with seeing the big picture. She is able to strike a balance between talk therapy and assisting my with developing and executing actions plans to meet my goals, both short- and long-term.

Phyllis is also very patient, realizing that certain ideas may need to revisited more than once, and that may be temporary set backs along the way.

Phyllis adheres to a high standard of professionalism, yet is easy to talk to and develop trust with. I would readily refer anybody in need of counselling services to her.

- EJ

In 2015, something happened to my family, I was like living in hell.  Phyllis Chan was introduced to me as a consultant to help me get over my difficulties.  She was very attentive, always listens to me and analyzes my situations.  She uses her knowledge and skills to guide me to think, develop proper habits, and trains me to live a better lifestyle. She changed me and in turn changed my family.  I cooperated with her counselling, and very soon, I completed the treatment in less than two years.  A few years later, I faced another family problem and I turned to Phyllis for help.  She quickly reopened my case and help me.  Because of her quick response and help, I recovered within two to three months.  Without Phyllis, I am not sure what will happen to me.  Phyllis, you are my angel.  Thank you very much!

- A.C.

Phyllis provided me information about gambling addiction and ways to mend my relationship with my family. I start to develop my healthy social support system and get away from my bad habits. I become a better person after receiving counselling from Phyllis. I have peace in my mind now.

- From J.K.

I was struggling with gambling addiction.  By the recommendation of a Game Sense Advisor working in the casino, I met with Phyllis.  Phyllis provided a comfortable and safe place for me to talk about my inner feelings. She helped me to understand the root cause of my addiction problem and found healthy ways to manage it.

- From D.Y.

After working with Phyllis, I feel like I am more confident. With the tools that she has given me, I grow a lot and have more capabilities to deal with my triggers and past traumas.

- From J.N.

Phyllis has been my therapist for just over a year now. She has helped me put systems in place so I can manage my issues and live a happier life. I’m grateful to have met a therapist who listens and understands me.

- From C.B.

I met Phyllis over four years ago. She has been my therapist ever since. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and empathetical. She pinpointed my issues and helped with my recovery process.

- From S.B.