5 Tips for A Sober Halloween

October 30th, 2021
5 Tips for A Sober Halloween

For some, Halloween is a day of fun and laughter. For others, it is a time of triggers and vices. If you are trying to stay sober, here are five helpful tips and ideas to follow.

Plan for a Sober Movie Night

Hosting a scary Halloween movie marathon with friends is a fun way to take your mind off addictions. Having close friends nearby to support you is particularly helpful. If you are alone, consider watching movies online with loved ones.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Going to a local farm and seeing the pumpkin patch is a fun and timeless Halloween activity. Depending on where you live, there may be festivals or other fun Halloween events hosted in conjunction with the pumpkin patch.

Bake Scary Treats with Family Members

Baking Halloween treats with loved ones is a fun and tasty way to take your mind off vices. If you have family members nearby, invite them over for a Halloween bake night. A fun idea is to host a baking challenge to see who can bake the scariest muffin.

Hand Out Candy

The act of giving always feels good, especially on Halloween. Handing out candy is a friendly neighbourhood gesture that helps you connect with the community and support the age-old tradition.

Create a New Halloween Tradition

One of the best ways to extend a stretch of sobriety is by creating a new Halloween tradition. Creating yearly traditions provides something to look forward to and reminisce over. Each year they will provide you with a milestone for your journey. Start with something simple such as a movie night, a baking competition, or a costume contest with loved ones.

Staying sober during Halloween is challenging, but it is not impossible. Remember how far you have come and look for opportunities to create new traditions. If you are finding it extra challenging, reach out to a psychologist for assistance.

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