Life Transitions / Adjustment Counselling

Changes are inevitable. Changes continue across our life span as our roles continue to evolve. When we move from one stage of life to another, these changes are often referred to as transitions. These transitions include changing jobs or careers, retirement and relocation among many others. Transitions can be exciting and rewarding but often stressful. Adjusting to changes can be difficult.

Counselling acts as a guide and a helper in the challenging situations caused by life transitions. Life transitions can be positive such as getting a dream job or can be negative such as the death of loved ones or job loss. Counselling can help you understand the real meanings of life and how you can deal with your life at different points in time.

I will use integrated counselling approach to help you to move through different and difficult feelings that occur due to life transitions.

Areas of service:

  • Moving to a new country or city
  • New marriage
  • Move back to home / parent’s house
  • Job loss
  • Change job
  • Retirement
  • Loss of spouse
  • Career change
  • New mother / father